Our patients of all ages are choosing dental implants to replace lost or missing teeth.

There are several advantages to choosing dental implants:
  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Preserve bone
  • Restore a patient's smile and confidence
  • 95% success rate in healthy patients


More great news!:

If you are struggling with ill-fitting dentures, dental implants could change your life. Loose-fitting dentures can make eating, chewing and speaking difficult. In addition, food that is not properly masticated (chewed) affects digestion. Pastes and powders often offer messy, unsatisfying results. And unfortunately, over time denture wearers can loose up to 90% of their chewing efficiency.

Traditional dentures rely on the muscles of the face and lips, tongue control and a precise fit to produce maximum chewing efficiency. Even when all of this working perfectly, dentures can only perform at a maximum 25% effectiveness of natural teeth. Dentures that are supported by implants, however are literally locked into place and provide nearly 100% chewing function efficiency!

Dr. Saba and Dr. Romanin have been restoring dental implants since 1991 in Sun Lakes. Come in for a Complimentary Consultation or Second Opinion. (480)895-2111

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